How to connect to your server!

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Some of you have asked about how to connect to your dedicated server. Well we are here to help. Believe it or not, but actually connecting to your dedicated server is not that hard. It is the same case with connecting to your VPS. 


When purchasing a server, at first their is no web based easy set-up install thingy that you use, instead you have something called SSH. When using SSH you connecting to the command line of the system, like in windows where you go to the command prompt; it is a similar case with Linux Hosting. (If you are not sure what Linux is, we will soon be releasing the Dover Technology forum).

So to start if you are on a Windows machiene, you need to go and download PuTTy ( and download the .exe file. When opening the .exe file you will have a section that asks for either a hostname or IP address, in that box all you need to do is put in your server IP address which you will receive via email after purchasing your server. 

One connected it will ask you for a username when that black box pops up. Your username is 'root' and it will then ask for a password, (note: When typing in your password it will look like you haven't typed anything in, believe me, you have typed something in there. Then once you have done you just need to press the tner key. Then you are in and you can start installing the things you need. 

If you are installing Multicraft, you can visit our support team who can teach you how to do this.

Hope this helps!


The Dover Tech Team.

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